What our Homes Offer Adults with Special Needs

We maintain homes for adults with special needs so they can live in a Christian environment with a staff dedicated to providing a loving home. Our homes provide…

Life Skills Training

How to:
balance a checkbook, make an in-store purchase, order food at a restaurant, get a driver’s permit.

Work Experience

Residents can:
get a job in the community, like Panera Bread or Piggly Wiggly, or volunteer with Meals on Wheels, Epworth Children’s Home, library.

Daily Living Skills

How to:
do laundry, make their bed, bathe and other hygiene independently, set and clear the table for meal.

Worship Connections

Worship and Sunday School:
Mt. Horeb UMC, Central UMC, Grace UMC, Chapel at the Oaks, Chapel at the Methodist Manor.

Social Interaction

Participate in Social Events:
go out to eat, to the mall, the zoo. Deliver Meals on Wheels, attend church, socialize with other residents and staff.

Supervision & Safety

24/7 Staff are Trained in:
defensive driving, CPR, First Aid, AED use, de-escalation and crisis intervention, medication management, prevention of abuse, neglect and exploitation.