Known as Columbia Builders Care Home

Near Epworth Children’s Home

This home in downtown Columbia was opened in 2009, and is home to 6 ladies with special needs. It is licensed as a Community Residential Care Facility and is monitored by both DHEC and DDSN. 

The ladies that live in his home are like family; they enjoy spending time together, and with their families. They are active members at Mt. Horeb UMC, and attend the Joy program at Mt. Horeb as well.

This wonderful home came to life thanks to the generosity of others. Epworth Children’s Home graciously allowed us to build this home on their property. Donations, and the dedicated efforts of a group of builders who volunteered both their time and resources, turned this dream into a reality. 

CBCH Group home for special needs adults
Tiffany Collins - Administrator for CBCH

Licensed Administrator

Tiffany Collins

Hear from Callie, a resident at Columbia Builders Care Home

One of her favorite things to do is play games with her housemates. She also enjoys feeding the turtles in the pond. She loves the Clemson Tigers, NASCAR and the Atlanta Braves. She’s a Special Olympics swimmer, plays basketball and has a job at Panera Bread.

I have my own room. That’s nice. I have friends who live with me.

Columbia Builders Care Home Residents