Known as Aldersgate at The Oaks

Adjacent to The Methodist Oaks Retirement Community

This home, known as The Oaks, opened its doors to men with special needs in Orangeburg, SC, thanks to funding from HUD. Situated on what was once a Methodist retirement community, the current residents still warmly welcome our men, and we feel incredibly fortunate to have a home in such a gracious environment.

Licensed as a Community Residential Care Facility, we’re proud that some of our most dedicated staff members have been at the Oaks since it opened its doors in 2009.

The Oaks provides a loving home for six men. Our residents enjoy a variety of activities, including attending church at the Chapel at The Oaks.

The Oaks Resdential Home for Special Needs Adults
LaVeda Jenkins -  Residential Manager - Aldersgate Special Needs Residence

Licensed Administrator

LaVeda Jenkins

Watch the video to find out more about Bryant’s life at Aldersgate at the Oaks

Bryant enjoys watching TV, especially Clemson games on the TV in his bedroom, while sitting in his recliner. Other times, he goes to his job, helps clean up the house, keeps his room clean and enjoys life!

I have learned so much, and learned how to do more for myself than I ever thought possible!

Residents of Aldersgate at the Oaks