JT’s younger sister was faced with the task of caregiving.

JT lived with his mother and brother. When their mother passed away, his sister became the guardian of JT and their young brother while caring for her own child. She is 10 years younger than JT. While juggling caregiving duties, work and nursing school, sometimes his sister had to leave JT at home by himself. “It was a very stressful time,” she said. “I didn’t want JT staying by himself because of the safety risk and not being able to socialize with others.”

She learned about Aldersgate at the Oaks through a family friend. JT moved into the Orangeburg home in 2020. He is thriving from receiving the attention and care he needs. “The staff are loving and kind,” she said. “Aldersgate has been great for JT, me and our family.” JT said he enjoys living at Aldersgate and hanging out with his housemates.

Xavier had a difficult start in life.

Xavier had a difficult start in life. He received limited life skills training that affected his attendance in school, as well as his learning environment. After hearing about his situation, his aunt moved Xavier in with her. With medical concerns of her own, she worried about his future.

By working through the Department of Disabilities and Special Needs, she found Xavier a home at Aldersgate Special Needs Ministry. “Since being at Aldersgate, Xavier is more independent,” she said. “He has goals and is learning new skills. Knowing he’s in a loving home while getting the attention he needs brings me comfort.”

Xavier is very polite, respectful and expresses himself through gestures and eye contact. He has great relationships with his housemates and staff. Xavier enjoys all activities and loves to be complimented on his attire. When you ask Xavier if he likes living at Aldersgate, his answer is always, “Yes!”

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We make a difference

My prayers have been answered.

My prayers have been answered. The life you are providing her is what I have dreamed of for so many years. God is good. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This is an exceptional home.

This is an exceptional home.  Gina and our family love and support it.  All the staff are great! It has helped our family so much knowing that Gina is cared for and we know that Gina is loved by everyone there.  All these ladies are so close in relationship with each other.  This means so much to our family.  Rosemary and the staff are constantly searching for activities and outings for the ladies and they love it. This literally was a God appointed situation for us.

Aldersgate has been wonderful.

Our experience with Aldersgate has been wonderful.  Everyone has been so great.  We love them all.  Victoria has been more than wonderful!  It has helped our son to be an even better person than he already was.  Boyd loves living at Rick’s House and he loves his friend Damon and the rest of the guys.